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Jeweler Littleton, CO! Located in Littleton Colorado on South Broadway, Jeweler Littleton, CO has been helping coin collectors find that special coin for more than 30 years. Two years ago, he changed his coin shop location to a busy intersection in Littleton Colorado. As a graduate gemologist, David is able to make a fair and honest offer for you diamonds and gem stones. Below is a list of services his coin shop offers.

Gold buyers – We buy your unwanted gold and silver jewelry form 10kt 14tk 18kt 22kt and even 24tk. Some of the gold stamp markings also will read 585 750 999 or 14kt P. If you need to sell your gold jewelry and want a honest price give us a call today.
Coins- Coin collection appraisals, buy and sell coins, gold coins, silver coins, numismatic services, slabed coin and even buy and sell junk silver coins pre -1964 90% Silver, wheat pennies and more. So if you inherited a coin collection, give David, Steven, or Scott a call to find out the best way grow your coin collection or sell for cash. New inventory every week and we are always buying!

Bullion services – Buy and sell bullion gold, silver, platinum and even palladium, at fair and honest prices. Coins, rounds, and bars at .999 fine purity, US American Eagles, Vienna Philharmonics, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrand, Chinese Pandas, and more!

Diamonds- Sell you’re unwanted or used diamonds get cash on the spot. David has been buying diamonds from the public from over 30+ years. Where do the diamonds go from there?Jeweler Littleton, CO offers them as a wholesale business to many small jewelry shops and jewelers around the country. Just like gold and silver, diamonds get recycled and reused all the time. Green diamonds are becoming more politically correct as the diamond mining process becomes more and more environmentally damaging.

Estate Jewelry- Do you have a loved one whom has passed away or on longer want to keep your grandparents jewelry? Some estate jewelry and vintage jewelry has come back into fashion. Let our gold buyer make you a fair an honest offer or ask to see your estate jewelry collection.

About Us

Jeweler Littleton, CO
I am back because you requested it! I am reopening my Jeweler Littleton, CO shop. We have been open since 1978 and have opened in a new location on South Broadway.

We buy gold, but so does everyone else. How do you know the difference between getting a fair offer or are getting ripped off? Are you tired of people saying they pay the most, and then pay nothing after you spent you precious time going to see them!
Here is why we pay top dollar.

I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist and a Jeweler! I have been buying diamonds for 30 years and have been selling to many of your local jewelry stores.

FACT: How can these shop claim to pay the most and yet know nothing about what they are buying. Most places have part time employees that know little about diamonds and Jeweler Littleton, CO. And as a result they have to plan what they pay YOU as a result of the employee’s in-experience. In many cases very few locations have a gemologist at each location!

We support

It was the local news channels and many customers that I have done business with out of my home who encouraged me to get back into business, to help the many individuals trying to understand what their coins and jewelry are worth.

FACT: Most places you see advertising pay only 50% of the value. With the most recent survey saying that less than 3% of the stores are paying over 75% or slightly more. (even 75% of the value is low)

PERSONAL NOTE: This made me feel sick!

The most important thing any news outlet and authority have said was, DO NOT send your gold in the mail. The second thing they said not to do was, DO NOT sell your gold, coins and diamonds to someone who you have never met in a hotel or motel. They will be gone with your money the next day.

PERSONAL NOTE: Never do anything with someone you don’t know in a hotel or motel.


Find someone with a honest and experience and background and in Jeweler Littleton, CO.
Find a coin store that will go through your coins and pay you a premium for the good stuff. In most cases this will take time. You will watch them pick up every coin and inspect each one individually.

Diamonds take time to properly grade. If someone offers to pay you just because of the size of the diamond, do not sell to them. Remember the 4c of diamonds when selling Color – Cut – Clarity – Carat weight.

Jewelry should be tested individually. Many times I have seen stores separate your gold into piles for each karat weight (10k – 14k – 18k) and often they put 14k jewelry into the 10k pile to cheat you as well. Know what have when you take it in. KNOW EACH PIECE.

We are your local experts! Stop by us FIRST or LAST. We are positive that our offer will not be beat. – – – We know our competitors!
We buy rare coins,
We buy bullion coins!
We buy diamonds and gems, yes gems sapphires rubies tourmaline and more.
We will go through your coins and pay for the numismatic or rare valuable coins!

FACT: Almost every store or we buy gold business is out to make a quick buck on your money! YES, I said “your money” and your gold and diamonds!

So I am back! Give me a try it will be worth your time, then you can tell your friends!
Would you like to have your coin collection Appraised for FREE?

Please fill out the form below and we will call you to make an appointment with David Lewis.

How much are my silver coins worth?

The table below shows the value of the silver content of various coins commonly sold as junk silver. Some coins such as the briefly issued War Nickels contain 35% silver, some coins like the 1965-1970 Kennedy Halves contain 40% silver, while most junk silver is comprised of 90% silver coins. To determine the value of the silver content, junk silver should be divided into various groupings based on the percentage silver content.

All silver value figures are based on $50.00 per ounce silver. To determine the actual silver value, multiply the silver weight by the current spot price of silver.
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The purity of gold is expressed in Karats, not to be confused with the “carat” (the weight of gemstones.) Pure gold is 24k, but this is too soft for everyday use in jewelry. As a result, gold is alloyed with other metals to make it more durable and wearable. The type of alloy used will also affect the color of the gold.
The Karat of the jewelry will tell you what purity the gold is:
9k gold is 37.5% pure (mixed with 62.5% alloy)
10k gold is 41.6% pure (mixed with 58.4% alloy)
12k gold is 50% pure (mixed with 50% alloy)
14k gold is 58.3% pure (mixed with 41.7% alloy)
18k gold is 75% pure (mixed with 25% alloy)
20k gold is 83.3% pure (mixed with 16.7% alloy)
22k gold is 91.6% pure (mixed with 8.4% alloy)
GOLD is also bought in different forms, such as bar’s and coins.
Bars and Coins come in different sizes.
Typical sizes of bars and Coins :

100 troy ounce,
50 troy ounce,
10 troy ounce,
1 troy ounce,
1/2 troy ounce,
1/4 troy ounce,
1/10 troy ounce.


Do you have unused diamonds and old jewelry that you no longer wear? Why not sell your diamonds to us and take the cash and do something fun! Our diamond buyer is a graduate gemologist with over 30+years of experience. Knowing the diamond market, he is able to offer a fair price to you. Where does your diamond go? It is recycled or resold to a nationwide network of jewelry designers that use your diamond in new jewelry for someone else to enjoy. Recycling your diamond lowers demand for conflict diamonds and environmentally bad diamond mining practices.

A diamond carat is different than gold carat. The gold carat indicates purity based on 24 units and pure gold being 24 carats. One diamond carat, mined and even synthetics diamonds, equals 200 milligrams or .02 grams (0.007055 oz). The word carat derives from the carob bean. Gem dealers used to balance their scales with carob beans because these beans have similar weight.

Not all diamonds are white or colorless. Impurities give diamonds a shade of blue, red, orange, yellow, green and even black. Vivid blue, green and pink mined diamonds are the rarest. They are not the rarest gemstones, however. That title goes to a pure red ruby and real natural red rubies can be more expensive per carat than lesser quality diamonds.

Diamonds actually are found in abundance; thousands are mined every year. 80% of them are not suitable for jewellery – they are used in industry or used on inexpensive rings.

Round Cut Diamond GIA Certificated

Silver Facts

Silver has been viewed for a long time as a “PRECIOUS METAL.” Silver Is used to make jewelry, ornaments, tinsels (hence the term “silverware “), and coins. Today, silver is also used in electrical contacts and conductors, in mirrors , and in photographic film. Silver even has medical uses as a disinfectant.

Silver Purity

Sterling silver: Sterling silver is 92.5% pure (alloyed with 7.5% of other metals most common being copper.)Sterling is expressed by “925” or “Sterling.” The minimal standard to be considered sterling is 92.5% purity.
Fine silver: Fine silver is 99.9% pure.
Coin silver: Coin Silver is 90% pure (alloyed with 10% of other metals.) Also knows as “ONE NINE” or “ONE NINE FIVE” silver.
Like gold pure silver is generally too soft for producing functional objects. because of this silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the beauty of the precious metal.
Here is some common silver purity used around the world:
999.9 (Ultra-fine silver used by Royal Canadian Mint in the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf)
999 Fine silver used in Good Delivery bullion bars, also known asthree nines fine)
980 (common standard used in Mexico ca.1930 – 1945)
958 (equivalent to Britannia silver) 950 (equivalent to French 1st Standard)
925 (equivalent to Sterling silver)
900 (equivalent to Coin silver in the USA, also known as one nine fine)
835 (a standard predominantly used in Germany after 1884)
833 (common standard used in continental silver especially among the Dutch, Swedish, and Germans)
830 (common standard used in older Scandinavian silver)
800 (minimum standard for silver in Germany after 1884; Egyptian silver; Canadian silver circulating coinage)
750 (uncommon silver standard found in older German, Swiss and Austro-Hungarian silver)


Q.) What’s the difference between an Indian Head penny and a Buffalo Nickel?
A.) Four cents.

Q: What’s a coin collector’s favorite breakfast cereal?
A: “Wheaties”

Q: Why were all the coins unhappy?
A: The War Nickel and the Peace Dollar were fighting.

Q; Why was the War Nickel unharmed when it fought?
A: He used his best friend, the Shield Nickel, for protection.

-Did you read about the civil unrest in my coin collection? The Peace Dollars staged a protest against the war nickels…it got ugly.

Q; Why was everyone mad at the large cent?
A: It was picking on the small cent.

Q: Why was the Zinc Cent arrested?
A: Because someone called the “Coppers”

Q. Why does the 3 cent feel left out
A. Because he can’t put in his 2 cents worth

Q: Why did the St. Gaudens get so excited when she went golfing?
A: She had a double eagle!

Q: How do you tell which Miss Liberty on coins are blondes?
A: Their hair is double-died!

Q: Where is the Indian Head Nickel’s favorite city to go on
A: Buffalo

Q: Excuse me sir, can you direct me to the SGS Coin Grading Service?
A: Sure, just take Highway MS-70…..

Q: Why do coin collectors’ bison ranches always go out of business?
A: They pay extra money for Buffalo that have only three legs!

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We thank you for making us the ONLY 5 STAR COIN AND JEWELRY STORE in the Jeweler Littleton, CO by rating us at Google Reviews.

Honest coin dealer in Jeweler Littleton, CO, highly recommend! I personally sold my silver coins and two 14kt gold bracelets and received cash on the spot! Fair prices and much higher than the Fast Cash Gold buyers! ” Brian.

“Thank you Steve and Dave!! I inherited a bunch of coins from my father who recently passed away. You were polite and honest and treated my family and I with respect. We will recommend you to every one we know who is looking to sell.” Ryan.

We were chosen as the Coin store of the month, in the January 2011 edition.
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do i need an appointment?
No you generally do not need an appointment,
but feel free to call and set one up according to your schedule.

What is a troy ounce compared to a regular ounce?
A “Troy” ounce is 31.1 grams, while a regular or ” avoirdupois”
ounce is only 28.35 grams.

What is my coin worth?
Each coin varies depending on its Type, Age and condition.
Feel free to call or bring in your coin to have it evaluated.

What is the difference between 10k and 14k gold?
The difference is the purity of the gold you can see our
gold chart here

What do i need to sell my gold or coins?
All you need is a drivers license or id and be 18 years old.

How does the buying process work ?
When you bring us your items you want evaluated, We take the time to show you
what each of your items is worth, and we make you a fair offer. You are under no obligation to sell to us at any time.

Do you take items on consignment ?
No. We only make full purchases. Neither do we pawn

what is a pennyweight?
A pennyweight (abbreviated wt) is equal to 24 grains, 1/20 of a troy ounce,
or about 1.55 grams.

What do the 4 C’s of diamonds stand for?
The 4 C’s of diamonds are “COLOR, CLARITY, CARAT WEIGHT and CUT”
you can read more about Diamonds on our DIAMOND PAGE

How do you determine the value of my gold or platinum?
After testing the karat quality and weighing your gold or platinum, we then
use the current spot “bid” price to calculate the value of your gold or platinum.

How do you determine what you pay for my diamond ?
We determine the color, clarity, carat weight and proportions. And, we do this by using a Microscope and other certified testing equipment. We never estimate or guess as to what your diamond’s characteristics are. We have been trained and certified by GIA’s GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST Degree program

Will you do a full appraisal on my item ?
We will never appraise an item that we are going to make an offer on. Appraising items that we want to purchase is a conflict of interest. It is a serious violation of business ethics. we can offer evaluations and make you an offer. We can also refer you to a third party for such an appraisal.

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